Striked by the "Red Album" of  the Beatles at age of 11 ( in 1976 ) without real chance to recover from rock virus until today.. with so many beautiful moments and records and concerts which came along, to name just a few favourites of mine: Cheap Thrills / Joplin, Shine on you.../ P. Floyd, Moondance / V.Morrison, Abbey Road / Beatles and Some Girls by R.Stones...
                    Live acts : first concert in 1977 / Status Quo and in between almost everything worth to be  seen & heard : R. Gallagher, Ray Charles, Al     
                     Di Meola, Van Morrison, Santana and Tower of Power but also "new" heroes such as Joe Bonamassa, Beth Hart or Arctic Monkeys and 
                     Red Hot Chilli Peppers...
                            And yes , I always played guitar and sung along and it was fun and it was good but...
                             ten years ago I decided to "put my playing  on a decent level" and took a private guitar lessons and eventually  I graduate as a  
                             "Guitar Professional" at New Music Academy, music school based in Offenbach and Wiesbaden, Germany.    
                             During this time I also took part as a guitar player / singer in two cover rock bands which helped me a lot to master many topics 
                             both musically as technically..

                             And in the end...here I am: playing songs I adore as good as I can..
                            Welcome to the show..